Understanding consumer, customer, and marketplace dynamics, trends, and unmet needs is the critical foundation for differentiation, innovation, and growth. We’ll uncover knowledge gaps that are limiting breakthrough success and identify the right methodology and resource(s) to capture the desired insights.

Review of currently available information, including existing proprietary research as well as external secondary sources to understand the current playing field, competitive environment, relevant trends, potential size of the prize, etc.

Leadership of primary research design, interpretation, and identification of indicated actions to address strategy, positioning, branding, packaging, advertising, and/or innovation questions, issues, and performance. 

We have personal experience with all types of custom research, from qualitative to quantitative, from in-person to on-line, from in-the-lab to in-the-market, from B2C to B2B…and if the model to address your specific issue or question doesn’t exist, we’ll bring together the right resources to create it.

Category management analytics, including category/brand performance reviews and scorecards, competitive assessment, assortment/portfolio optimization, price, promotion, merchandising, and shopper insights. We’ll address not only the “what” and the “why”, but most importantly, the “now what?" 

 If you don’t have an existing category management program, we can help you set up one up and/or serve as your outsourced category management solution.

Integration of information to identify and articulate compelling opportunities that lead to inspiration, innovation, and impact.